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Grocery day today.....

which means 'Mandy, today is a write off. Don't bother planning anything else for today'. lol. Although, the marathon once-a-fortnight trek out with the adorable but rambunctious Miss Lily did yield some non-food rewards today :) I'm now the proud owner of a slow cooker aka crockpot. I'm ridiculously excited! So, if anyone reading this (is anyone reading? lol) has great slow cooker recipes, please feel free to hit me with them ;)

Pics for today :) Now that I know my swap partner has received the goods and I'm well and truly outed, here is some pics of the bag (before handles and snaps were added) that I sent to my Woolaholics RAOK swappee, Fi. Hope you enjoy it!

So, what do you do....

If you have bananas crying out to be used and a half block of rather lovely organic chocolate in the fridge? Make Banana Fudge muffins, of course! And at a rather modest 4 grams of fat per muffin, you don't have to feel toooo guilty about scoffing them ....well, that's what I tell myself, anyway ;)

And presenting..... a peek at the WIP currently consuming my time. This is Rainbowland. So much yet to do......

My first blog post - what a strange feeling

Well, my first ever blog post....I must say, having never done it before, it does feel a little like standing in the middle of an empty room and talking to myself. I'm sure, as I become more used to it, it won't feel quite so strange! Anyway, where to start? I think I'll start with the name of my blog.

The name of this blog relates to my favourite series of books, 'The Dark Tower' by Stephen King. Wonderful reading, I highly recommend them. In fact, I'm currently collecting them one by one, as I find them and I'm going to start reading them over from the start. The Dark Tower represents, to me anyway, the beginning and end of all things. So my journey to The Dark Tower is just another way of saying my journey through life. Clear as mud? Groovy. Let's move along then.

I'll be using this blog to post about, (in no particular order), any fluffy mail that may find it's way to my home, bits and pieces that I might make (how's that for a broad categ…