My first blog post - what a strange feeling

Well, my first ever blog post....I must say, having never done it before, it does feel a little like standing in the middle of an empty room and talking to myself. I'm sure, as I become more used to it, it won't feel quite so strange! Anyway, where to start? I think I'll start with the name of my blog.

The name of this blog relates to my favourite series of books, 'The Dark Tower' by Stephen King. Wonderful reading, I highly recommend them. In fact, I'm currently collecting them one by one, as I find them and I'm going to start reading them over from the start. The Dark Tower represents, to me anyway, the beginning and end of all things. So my journey to The Dark Tower is just another way of saying my journey through life. Clear as mud? Groovy. Let's move along then.

I'll be using this blog to post about, (in no particular order), any fluffy mail that may find it's way to my home, bits and pieces that I might make (how's that for a broad category lol!), my exciting op shop finds (you just wouldn't believe some of the wonderful stuff out there in the 'oppies') and what current mischief my girls are getting up to. I may even post about the mischief I' m getting up to :P Plus, I've popped some progress bars up, so anyone who happens to drop by can see how I'm going with my latest projects. You may notice, there seems to be quite a lot of bags there ;) More about that, later.


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