Die Moon Goddess, Die!!!!

At least, that was what I was muttering under my breath last night, while doing her embroidery tattoo for the millionth time....argh! This particular bag is destined to become a mamapad bag, or even a wipes bag (though I designed it with mamapads in mind......in a very tongue in cheek way, of course!) Now, I would post photos, but I've sent the naughty thing to time out in the sewing corner, so might post pics once I've sewn her up and snapped her. So there.

Instead, I'll post some pics from today, of our lovely day at the beach. Lily's first time at the beach, in fact. It seems she likes the beach quite a lot......or at least I think that's what the huge hissyfit was about, when we had to leave :P And what would a photo shoot be, without Nadine, my kooky teen, hamming it up for the camera?


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