I'm uncommonly lucky

when it comes to finding treasure in op shops. My sister now just shakes her head in disgust when I show her my latest oppy find and wills some of that luck to rub off onto her :P Here are some of my most exciting finds!

From left to right, we have a vintage Chanel bag (a real one even!), A Salvatore Ferragamo handbag, some lovely Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and a stunning vintage Emilio Pucci scarf :) Oh, lets not forget the two innocuous looking teaspoons, which turned out to be one of my most exciting finds.

Here is the telltale signature of Pucci

Now, you're probably wondering why on earth I have two teaspoons included in my exciting finds. Well, since doing some research on a few pieces of British sterling silver that we had inherited, I'd become quite interested in it and had been keeping an eye out while op shopping for anything that might be sterling. These two spoons were in a rather grotty bag of silver plate cutlery - I picked up the whole bag for $1.00. As it turns out, they are very rare Darby 'patent' spoons - sterling silver, made in 1785 and much coveted by collectors of spoons! Due to their rarity it was quite hard to get a real idea of their value - after much digging, I discovered that one of these spoons had gone to auction in 1993 and fetched a staggering 400 pounds. So there you go - how's that for an incredible op shop find?


  1. WOW You clever woman :D I'm glad you live in another state though or you'd beat me to all the bargains here rofl

  2. hehe :P To make it even more exciting, each of these items were had for under $10.00. In fact, the Chanel bag was ...cough.....under two bucks.....cough.....

  3. Hey Mandy, Its bamboogal from nappycino. Just doing the tag thing, so i've tagged you.


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