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Dyeing, sewing, applique

A bit of a mixed bag, this week. I had my first go at kettle dyeing and I must say...I'm hooked! It was so much fun :) Here are the results!

Brianna has a friends birthday party to go to tomorrow, so I thought I'd whip her up a skirt - but what's a skirt without a matching top? So, it was applique time again. She's quite thrilled with the results and I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, also.

Finally, a little dyeing I've been doing for a special project ;)

And here they are....

Three wetbags - finally done! I've just had a big dye session, so have a few more projects to start on........

More finished objects! Wetbags this time :)

Well, I've been working on them for a very long time, but they're finally done....well, almost. A couple of snaps to go on one still, but otherwise - complete! I'm not entirely sure where these bags will end up yet....will post some pics later on.

Pics of the turtles!

Now that I know it has been received, here is a little something that I whipped up for a swap. I'm sure it will receive plenty of use in its new home!

I've been doing a lot of work on my bags lately also, as my progress bar shows :) Just snaps and handles to do close!

Faeries in the garden again!

Every now and then, a faerie visits our garden. She's a lovely little sprite, full of mischief and cuddles.....

Turtles are done....

I've been hellbent on getting my swap with Amy done in a timely fashion and...success! It's ready to post, bar a few little finishing touches :) I've even taken photos...which I won't be posting until the parcel arrives at it's new home *giggle*. I hope that she likes it, and that it fits her little man!

Another finished object....

if you can believe it? I dyed a cut of hemp velour a little while ago and have had it sitting in the fabric pile, just waiting to be made into something special. So, here it is! A nappy with hand dyed and appliqued hemp velour outer and 100% organic cotton sherpa inner. The absorbency is a combination of bamboo terry and organic cotton sherpa. Super squishy and lush. The applique is 'goddess' in Chinese lettering (at least, that's what it's supposed to be - hope I haven't stuffed it up lol).
In other news, I received a couple of lovely parcels today - one was a rather large package full of fabric from Amy (thanks Amy!) who will be receiving a quite turtle-ish swap from me in return :) The other was a bit of a surprise package from Kelly - a nice piece of wool interlock for me to play with - thanks Kelly!

Thought I'd join in....

this pretty little exercise has been doing the blog rounds :P I've seen it on loads of blogs now, so not really sure who to attribute it to lol. Anyway, here's mine!

Here are the rules if you want to play too:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker).

The Questions:
1. What is your first name? 2. What is your favorite food? 3. What high school did you go to 4. What is your favorite color? 5. Who is your celebrity crush? 6. Favorite drink? 7. Dream vacation? 8. Favorite dessert? 9. What you want to be when you grow up? 10. What do you love most in life? 11. One Word to describe you. 12. Your flickr name

Note to self...

Decide you need embellishment, before sewing the pants! I made these little pants for Lily, then decided they needed a little jazzing up - so I designed an applique to match Lily's lovely Pint tee. Trying to applique minky via machine, onto an already assembled pair of pants is horribly fiddly, but I think it turned out ok in the end :) Lily seems quite pleased also.
Further note to self - take better pictures later, in the daytime :P

2 years ago today.......

I was holding a gorgeous new bundle of pink and thinking 'wow, I made a baby!' :P With a little help from J, of course ;) So Lily, my darling princess, this post is for you. Happy 2nd Birthday! A doughnut, cupcakes and a teeny loaf of bread.....awwwwww. Here is some super cute softie food I whipped up, to go with Lily's big birthday pressie - her wooden kitchen. I was absolutely thrilled when I managed to buy this little kitchen for her. She seems to really love it, too!

And here is the birthday girl, sitting in her pile of birthday loot, perusing a card.
And finally, Brianna and Lily having a little tea party - isn't that just too cute for words!