A catch up post

Yep - it's been one of those fortnights....sigh. I've had a terrible flu, as have most of the family. However, I'm recovering (finally), so thought I'd do a post about some more dyeing I've been doing and the longies that Sharyn knitted for me (no action shots yet - elastic has to be put in). Here's a peek! I'm really happy with the way the colours knitted up (look ma - no pooling!).

Here is some dyeing I've been doing - from back to front they are wool, wool, rayon/cotton/silk blend, 100% cotton and wool. The wool was kettle dyed with food colouring and the cotton and cotton blend was dyed with procion, using the low water immersion technique (I find it almost as enjoyable as kettle dyeing!).

I just love the way that the different fibres took different colours in this yarn - my girls dubbed it 'Seaweed'.

This one has been called 'Jaffa' - I've now balled it up and will be teaching myself to crochet with it (washcloths, anyone? :P)

This yarn is lovely and squishy (too bad I can't knit with it :( ). It's a 4 ply 70/30 wool/nylon blend - would make great socks I think.

This is 4ply 100% wool - not too sure what to do with it though - there's 100 grams, I think?

Here is some mystery mohair that I dyed a while ago - no idea what to do with it...isn't it hairy!


  1. gorgeous dye work Mandy.
    If you are still looking for use for the mohair I'll give it a home here :) I can think of just the project!


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