More dyeing and still working on a special project

Yep - kettle dyeing again! This time, 200g of treliske organic merino - the wonderful Sharyn of Virgo Knits is knitting this up for Princess Lily. I must admit, I was thinking 'argh, what have I done!' when I looked at my wool in the pot. I still wasn't feeling terribly happy when I took it out of the pot to rinse and dry. However, once I'd balled it up I was pleasantly surprised with the results :) Quite a soft and girly colourway I think, just right for some longies for my little girl.

Now, a special project update - my custom for the lovely Carmen is still moving along - the creative work is done! Just need to hit the machine and get it all together now. I must admit, I'm having moments of self-doubt. It's quite nerve-wracking really, doing a custom. I take my hat off to all the wahms who primarily do custom work - you must have nerves of steel! I'm also currently working on a (late!) gift for my sister Amy, who is celebrating her birthday today :) Happy birthday Amy! Back to the machine for me.


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