A quick update....

just a quickie, no pictures tonight. I've been having quite a productive week, with a little bit of everything going on :) I've finally finished the sewing portion of the pinnie/smock for Lily that has been languishing in my project bar forever :P It's a lovely fuschia linen, sewn from a vintage pattern - so simple, I love the lines of it. I'm planning on doing a little stencilling on it, so hopefully that works out. Just have to design and paint now!

I've also sent Karen's package off to her - I hope that she likes it. An applique and a little something extra.

I've been having a few woe is me moments lately, because I've discovered (finally!) that the ongoing and very painful skin problems on my hands are caused by an allergic reaction to lanolin. Very upsetting, as I love to work with wool. No more sheep for me, I'm afraid. Which in turn means that my woolen wet bags are going to be a 'very' limited edition item lol. Speaking of which.....one of them may soon be up for auction on Ozebaby, through the Pookey Pockets site. Very exciting! I'll be throwing on some very thick gloves soon, to complete three more bags, with some cuts of wool I already have dyed - then that will be it. No more woolen wetbags. However.....I'm not going to give up on creating usable art quite as easily as that ;) I have some great plans brewing, no wool required......

Ok, back to the sewing machine for me.....nappies to repair and all that jazz!


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