Forgive me blog....

I have been neglecting you, I know. I do have an excuse though - I've been very busy, preparing and sending off packages :P Tracy, yours is on it's way, absolutely bursting at the seams lol, Donna - yours is coming too. There is another parcel on it's way - it will probably be a bit of a surprise for the recipient, as she isn't aware that it's coming - I've come to think of it as The Little Parcel That Could. It was only a small parcel, but it wanted to be a Great Big Parcel. So it grew, and grew, and GREW!

I've had some other bits and pieces happening, also. Operation 'No sheep for you' is well underway - I've been attempting to get rid of all sheepiness from my home. This has been moderately successful so far - although to assist in the timely removal of knitted woolies from my vicinity, I've been embellishing them (while wearing thick gloves!) to hopefully make them more appealing (and hide my hideous short rows). In super exciting news, I may have a spinning wheel coming to live with me, courtesy of my mum and stepdad! So, so excited, I'm practically jumping out of my skin. Not to mention sourcing some non-sheep fibre to play with. I'll get piccies of my embellishing efforts up, once the longies I'm working on are done. I'm doing something quite ambitious on them, actually - hopefully it works out.

More exciting news! (how much more excitement can I take before I just explode?) One of my wetbags will soon be up for auction on the Pookey Pockets Ozebaby store. Hopefully it will be well received :)

On the family front, Lily went to her very first Ekka. We all had an absolute ball, with no 2yo tanties even. Here's a piccie of Lily and J after going down a ridiculously high slide (for the second time!). My little daredevil - you wouldn't get me on that thing for quids :P


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