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Back on the blog :)

Wow! Great to be back blogging, after such a long absence. To say that my life has been utterly crazy for the last 6 weeks or so would be a HUGE understatement ;) Perhaps a little more Jerry Springer crazy, than Days of our Lives crazy *giggle* Hey, if you don't laugh, you cry, right?

In amongst all the bad bits, however - there have been some very good bits :) More on that later. Things do seem to be getting back onto a more even keel, which is a relief. And......I've been working on some 'stuff'. The very last of my hand dyed wool blanketing is being made into.......well, you'll have to wait and see. I've also been working on carding some alpaca fleece by hand (oh, what I wouldn't give for a drum carder, or even some decent hand carders. It's darn hard work, with slicker brushes)

My spinning is currently on hold, while I get my wheel into a condition where I can spin with it lol. The screws holding the maidens? are threaded, and the maide…