I'm back!

I've been meaning to do a blog update for ages, but life seems to be getting in the way lately :P So much has been happening - we've bought our first home (yay!) and have been renovating, have been squeezing in some crafty time (as you do!) and have even found the time to start growing a new family member........*giggle* The latest in our little tribe is expected to make an appearance midwinter, so some of the already mentioned crafty time has been devoted to some knitting and sewing in preparation.
Well, the sewing so far has comprised some cloth wipes from fabric scraps, but I do have a few teeny nappies cut out.. The rest of my crafty time is being eaten up with my latest fascination - spinning. I'm totally hooked! And on the lookout for spinning equipment and (non-sheep) fibres :) Here's some of my handspun - handdyed and natural alpaca.

Finally, I have another of my woolen wetbags currently up for auction on Gossamer Dreams- I created this bag for the Nappycino Australia Day competition for 2008 and it is, in fact, the last of the wool wetbags, as I can't work with wool any more (working on alternatives though ;) ) All proceeds from the auction with be divided between Bushfire and Flood relief - I' m glad to be able to help out, even in a small way - every little bit counts.


  1. got an extra "http//" in your link - should be Gossamer Dreams ;o)

  2. Your wetbags really are works of art! How's the spinning going? :)

  3. Thanks Mel! :) The spinning is wonderful - the tricky bit is tearing myself away from the wheel to do other crafty stuff lol.


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