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The bathroom and The Twins

Sounds very cryptic, doesn't it? Perhaps because there is no relationship whatsoever between the bathroom renovation and my special mystery project, aka 'The Twins'

In bathroom reno news - we're almost done! woohoo! Here are some pics of the marathon effort by J, and our dear friend M, that is the new bathroom. I love it, of course- just a few bits and pieces to do, and it's complete :)
And The Twins. I first had the idea for this one some months ago - the picture for the centre panel of this quilt popped into my head and refused to leave. Hence, I had to put it down on paper, then proceed to make it. While in the process of making the centre panel, I realised that what it really wanted to be was a quilt. I then set about designing said quilt and making it. Needless to say, what initally was a 'relatively' simple project, became quite a bit bigger than I'd planned. Most of it is fabric that I hand dyed specifically for the project, there is fair…