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Some more of what I've been up to :P

Just some pictures of what I've been working on's before 6am on a Sunday, (thanks kiddies!), pictures are somewhat easier than stringing words together when tired :P

dyeing mojo

It seems that the dyeing mojo is in the house :P I may not have been blogging all that often, but I have most definitely been creating! I've been experimenting with different dyeing techniques, including dye painting using thickener for procion (sodium alginate, which I got from the wonderful Jill and Tracy of Fairy Fabrics ). Here's some of the results :)I've also been doing a little doll making - I'll hopefully have this Coraline inspired doll ready by Lily's birthday party on Saturday....just got to finish knitting her shrug :)

Happy 4th birthday Lily!

I can't believe it was 4 years ago that you came into our, the time has just flown by! Happy birthday, princess :)