Oh dear......

I believe that I've been a little *cough* slack, with updating my blog
*blushes furiously and tries to think up an excuse*
Nope, I've got nothing :P
I've been having one of those periods of time where months pass in the blink of an eye, leaving you asking 'wtf???? It's October already?'

So anyway, I've been doing *tons* of stuff - loads of arty, crafty bits and pieces and, after much reading and playing, have had that *lightbulb* moment where I get how to actually use my dslr *properly* - in full manual mode!
So, in the spirit of Blogtober, I plan to post everyday. Or at least post a picture everyday. Ok.....you can stop laughing now. Really.
Here are some pics of recent endeavours, and just some recent pics I've taken that I like :P


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