Day 23 - From my childhood

Generally, I keep my descriptions brief for these photo a day prompts.  However, I feel this one warrants a story.  I have vivid memories of raiding my nana's jewellery box as a small child, and being particularly fascinated by these items....they are a picture of my great-grandmother Annie in an old fob watch and her wedding band,  a beautifully simple 18ct gold ring, engraved with ALS (Annie Louisa Sing).  The band is very old and has broken at the seam's so very tiny, that even as a small child it would only fit (very firmly I might add) on my pinky finger.

My grandparents, clearly seeing how much I loved it, allowed me to keep her wedding band - I've been  keeping it safe for more than 30 years now :)  The fob watch was given to me some time later.  I love having this tangible connection to my ancestors.


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